Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to become a volunteer at one of the CapitalCare centres. Help make our residents smile - make their day!

Below is a listing of volunteer positions available.

CapitalCare Dickinsfield, Grandview & Lynnwood

Join our Auxiliary and help with their many fundraising endeavors to improve the residents' quality of  life. Monthly meetings are held from September to June. There is also opportunity to volunteer in the shop. This position involves a lot of team work and is a great option for someone who is retired. Support activities such as monthly teas for residents, fundraising events (i.e. yearly bridge party) and other projects of the Auxiliary.

CapitalCare Dickinsfield

Currently there is opportunity for members to join our Ladies' Auxiliary group, who fundraise for our residents. They meet the 1st Tuesday of every other month from 1:15 - 2:00pm

Porter residents to and from the centre's beauty salon for their scheduled appointments. Under the supervision of the stylist, volunteers can remove rollers and place residents under the hairdryers. It is a great opportunity to visit with the residents while they are waiting for their appointment and having their hair styled. The opportunity varies by centres.


CapitalCare Dickinsfield & Norwood

Participants of the CHOICE Program are seniors. Volunteers assist with recreation programs, meals and rehabilitative activities that include: assisting staff with setting up the program area, greeting participants at the door, assisting in preparing the clients to go home at the end of the day and performing other duties and projects as mutually agreed upon. Help foster positive interactions with the participants so they can exercise choice and self expression through creative and motivational recreation activities.

CapitalCare Dickinsfield, Kipnes Centre for Veterans, Strathcona

Participants in the day program(s) include seniors and/or people with disabilities. Help with recreation programs that can include baking, dancing, exercise, mental aerobics, card games, crafts, individual projects and various out trips into the community. Other ways to assist include at meals and with daily tasks, welcoming participants when they arrive, providing name tags and beverages, assist in preparing the clients to go home at the end of the day and perform other related duties as mutually agreed upon. Volunteers help foster positive interactions with the participants so they can exercise choice and self expression through creative and motivational recreation activities.

Gardening Assistant Outdoor - CapitalCare Grandview / CapitalCare Strathcona (Sherwood Park)

Most of our centres have outdoor garden spaces with designated common areas used by the residents and their families and visitors.

Adopt a garden or volunteer and assist with planting, pruning, weeding, watering and other basic outdoor gardening maintenance. Consider getting one of the residents involved while you volunteer outdoors!

Gardening Assistant Outdoor - CapitalCare Strathcona (Sherwood Park)

Help look after the indoor plants throughout the centre by maintaining a regular watering schedule and re-potting plants when necessary.


Teach your little one about the spirit of giving. Visit our residents with your child to share interests and experiences. This opportunity allows you to get to know a senior and bring happiness through the love of children. Establish rapport with residents through conversation and play and help the residents and child interact. Supervision of the child is required at all times.

The role involves assisting residents at mealtime. Volunteers must complete the Loving Spoonfuls Mealtime Companion Training Program (provided through the organization). Assist by welcoming residents to the dining room and washing the resident's face and hands before meals. Volunteers can also set out plates, coffee, juice, tea or other food items and assist residents in dining area with opening packages, cutting food, buttering bread, etc. Volunteers must only assist residents with their meals in the dining area. Socialize with residents during meals, provide verbal encouragement, and wash resident's face and hands, as necessary, after meal.

Volunteer at any one of our centre’s for approximately one hour each week or once a month. Share your musical skill to play an instrument, lead a group in a sing-along or start a choir. This is a great opportunity to share a love for music with  the residents who live within our centres.  The music volunteer coordinates their time and program with a Recreation Therapist.  The volunteer must be skilled at playing a musical instrument and/or able to sing. Knowledge of older or classical music is an asset.


CapitalCare Dickinsfield

This volunteer would accompany staff and residents on short trips outside of the centre to places such as the Italian centre, Farm Fair, K-days, or even a country drive on the recreation bus.

Provide companionship and enhance the quality of life of our residents through the love of animals. Bring your pet to a centre on a regular basis and interact with residents.  Provide pet visits to individuals or groups of residents (as assigned by the Recreation Therapist), establish rapport with residents, and provide tactile stimulation by encouraging residents to pet the animal. The volunteer is responsible for cleaning up after the pet and the behaviour of the pet. The pet must be on a leash at all times while in the centre. Proof of the pet's current vaccination must be provided.

CapitalCare Norwood

Volunteers required to bring in pet/dog visitors

Contact: linda.ruggles@capitalcare.net


This is a great experience for anyone interested in physiotherapy as a career. Assist in portering residents to and from the department for appointments. Wiping or cleaning equipment, changing linen and assist with individual and group activities. Knowledge or interest in physiotherapy is an asset.

CapitalCare Dickinsfield

Beginning in September 2016 volunteers will be needed for the physiotherapy department Monday - Friday from 10am - 2pm.  The volunteer would be trained to porter residents from their rooms to the physiotherapy department and walking programs.

Contact: angela.bennett@capitalcare.net


CapitalCare Dickinsfield

Piano player for a small group of about 10 people in the spiritual care program on Wednesday mornings (10:30-11:15am).

Have fun participating in recreation activities with residents! Activities include bingo, entertainment, movies, crafts, pub night/happy hour, manicures, baking, socials and much more. Assist the Recreation staff with set up, portering residents to and from the activity, encouraging and supporting residents during the program, and assisting the Recreation staff with clean-up at the end of the program. Volunteers help foster positive interactions with the participants so they can exercise choice and self expression through creative and motivational recreation activities.


CapitalCare Dickinsfield

Requires a volunteer to work in the little gift shop twice a month. Hours are from 12:30 to 3:30pm.

CapitalCare Norwood and Strathcona

Volunteer in the on-site shop once or twice a week. Duties include selling confectionary items to customers (including elders, residents, staff, families and volunteers), keeping track of the float, items sold and items needing restocking, opening and closing the shop, restocking shelves as needed and reconciling cash at the end of the shift. Must be comfortable handling small amounts of money, dependable, friendly and trustworthy, maintain confidentiality, have good communication skills and a practical approach to problem solving. Specific training will be provided regarding shop operations, till/cash box management and inventory tracking. 


Assist with portering residents to and from the chapel or auditorium for services held at the centre. A list of residents who can attend each service is provided by the Spiritual Care Coordinator. Must be dependable, willing to accept direction, friendly and trustworthy, and able to communicate effectively with residents and staff.


Provide friendly, individual support to residents of the same faith by writing letters, reading scriptures, going for walks, talking and reminiscing. The Spiritual Care Coordinator provides support for suggestions of activities to do with the residents and is available if there are spiritual concerns brought up by the resident.


Provide friendly, individual attention to a resident. Share an interest/hobby, play cards, read, go for a walk, and reminisce about the old days. This position offers the opportunity to form a close relationship with a senior or disabled younger adult.  Volunteers who speak another language also have the opportunity to be a Second Language Companion to provide the opportunity for residents to converse in their first language.


All positions require:

  • a clear Police Information Check through the Volunteer Services offices, in accordance with the Protection for Persons in Care Act
  • completion of a Tuberculosis screening questionnaire
  • completion of two reference forms that are verifiable and should not be family members
  • an interest in serving people
  • a minimum commitment of 25 hours and
  • the willingness to promote a sense of well-being and contribute to the morale of residents and clients.

To apply for a volunteer position, please download and complete or print the application form. Drop off your completed form at the centre where you would like to volunteer, or fax or mail it to the centre.

If you would like additional information on any of the volunteer opportunities or our volunteer program, please call or email the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at any of our centres.