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Last updated June 11, 2021 at 5:00pm

Currently, no residents and no staff members are active with COVID-19.

Designated Support Persons

Each resident can have up to four Designated Support Persons (DSPs). DSPs can come indoors and are separate from indoor social visitors. DSPs must remain in the designated areas only and must schedule their visits. DSPs can call reception during business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00pm. They will direct you to the person looking after DSP arrangements for your loved one.

Please note, bookings are subject to the availability of visit spaces and may be limited in frequency in order to support all residents and patients who wish to have visitors.

NEW: Indoor Social Visits

We now have one indoor visiting space for up to four visitors from the same household. Pets are welcome if they are approved through our Visiting Pet Program.

Indoor visitors, including DSPs, must complete a self-assessment BEFORE entering the centre. Please be prepared to postpone a scheduled visit if you are feeling unwell. On your first visit, you must complete the visitation training with the front entrance staff before entering the building. The training takes approximately 20 minutes, and you may complete it online as well.

Outdoor and Virtual Visits:
We also have two outdoor visiting areas. One area can accommodate up to five persons (including the resident). The second area can accommodate up to 10 persons (including the resident). Please bring your own chairs and maintain continuous masking and physical distancing.

Virtual visits are still an option.

Please use the online booking system to schedule indoor and outdoor social visits and review the Frequently Asked Questions before you come to the centre.

All visits continue to be scheduled in advance – no drop ins. 

Whether or not you are vaccinated, or visiting indoors or out, we ask all DSPs and visitors to be kind and considerate to staff, and to continue complying with public health measures. These include:

  • Continuous masking (unless you are visiting in a resident's room)
  • Refraining from eating and drinking
  • Remaining in the assigned visiting area
  • Coming to the centre during visiting hours

Laundry pick up and drop off services continue at the front reception. Please come to the centre between 10am and 6pm to drop off items. 

We accept deliveries (books, flowers, chocolates) for residents on all neighbourhoods. Coffee and snacks for residents are also welcome, but please do not bring them during a scheduled visit.

For more information or general questions please email us at  info@capitalcare.net.

McConnell Places provide secure designated supportive living (SLD4) in small, home-like settings. Designed specifically for people with mid-stage dementia, these two care homes allow residents to live as independently as possible with round the clock care.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in familiar activities such as gardening, housekeeping and baking.

Click here to learn more about the McConnell Places.

For More Information

*Assessment by Alberta Health Services is required before admission to this centre. For more information call 780.496.1300 or click here.