Featured Letters

To the staff of CHOICE Dickinsfield:

A sincere thanks for everything you have done to help my mother and myself. My mom and sister are now living in an assisted living lodge here in Victoria. They live 10 minutes from us, and are included in everything we do. My mom is off oxygen and is in fantastic shape. She acts like a teenager.  I think they are happier now than they have been in the last 30 years.

- Randal P.

I would like to thank you all for your kindness and patience with Mom over the last eight and a half months — I don’t know what I would have done without you.
Mom moved to Villa Marguerite and I think she is going to do well there once she is settled. Thank you again and please convey my appreciation to Rose and Dale (her usual bus drivers).
– Paula C.

To CapitalCare Dickinsfield:

Thank you to all staff for the home you provided to me. And specifically for: keeping the home clean and comfortable;  providing wonderful meals and clean, labeled clothes; keeping my finances in order; moving my limbs when they didn't want to;
filling my days with activities; providing medicine,knowledge and expertise; keeping me clean, comfortable and pretty when l could no longer do it for myself. You treated me with passion, compassion and respect. I have been very happy in my second home - one of love. May God bless you all as he blessed me.

-  Dorothy T.

Dear Staff at Dickinsfield,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kind, patient care you give to our dad. We give thanks every day for the good fortune of having found this wonderful home for Felix. Although we don't say it often, we hope you realize the importance of this work you do each day.

- Many blessings from the G. family

My daughter Rhonda and I had been talking about the many tours we went on to the various assisted living and long-term care facilities in the city. We had to do this for my mom twice, my mother-in-law twice and my husband. So we have seen them all, some so bad you back out without a tour and cry for the residents stuck in these circumstances, and some so good you just beg to have your loved one admitted there. I have to say we have been very blessed.
When it came time to place Julie in long-term care, we had already visited Dickinsfield several times and knew that was where we wanted her to be; and if my husband can ever be placed, I want him in Dickinsfield also. Your facility passed all our tests with high numbers. If some day I have to be placed in such an establishment, I hope my daughter finds me as good a place as we have found for Julie.
– Karen G.

Dear Raymond,
It's hard to believe that my Grandma has been in Grandview for half a year already. You have been on my mind and I knew I needed to take the time to write to you. My family is truly grateful for everything you've done (and everything you continue to do!) to ensure the well-being of Edith on your unit. We are lucky to have a team of caregivers who are so unbelievably compassionate, cooperative, and willing to support the residents and their families. We cannot thank you enough!

- Amanda P and the rest of the family

To the staff of Grandview,
My mom Helen F. was on the post-acute unit for five and a half weeks. She left this morning to go to a private care home. When I picked her up from Grandview, we both shed tears. The care, kindness and love she received while in your care were outstanding. She truly will miss wonderful people that made her stay there so special.

Moses would often dance away with his mop while singing a song to make mom smile. Michael's opera singing gave her goose bumps. John made her feel young again with his teasing and jokes. Trish and the others helped her with her exercises. Tyler listened to her and talked to her in such a caring way you would have thought it was his own grandmother. I cannot remember all of the staff by name, but they are all very caring people who made her feel important and made her laugh.

As Helen's daughter, it is important to me that my precious mom is treated with respect and kindness. At Grandview she was. You have a great bunch of  people there; we even loved Sarge (the parakeet)!

Many, many thanks from me and my beautify mom.

- Hallie N.

Dear CapitalCare Grandview Staff,
Here is a $200 donation towards your fundraiser to fix-up the common areas in the garden. Mom lights up when she is/was there.  Also many, many, thanks for taking care of mom. I know it’s been a challenge.  Thanks to all your medical staff, care staff and Dawn, Ting, Denise, Laureen, Denise … who have done so much with such loving patience and understanding.
Happy holiday season and Thank you.
- Merle H & Anne L

I was transferred to Grandview to recover from a broken femur and then began a week of incredible care from nurses, aides, volunteers, doctors and physiotherapists.

I have so many good memories of my stay at Grandview. I was amazed by the delightful little café and equally impressed by the wonderful food — roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on my first Sunday made a truly lasting impression!

I would like to thank the staff at Grandview for all the kindness and care they give to patients like me, everyday!

– Marguerite H.

I wish to take a few minutes of your time to read about my husband’s care at the Kipnes Center in Edmonton.  I have never seen better care, greater accommodation; comfort wise, attractive, and spotlessly clean anywhere in Alberta.  The staff at Pembina House where Lou is accommodated is outstanding. They are very caring, compassionate and loving to each of the 15 residents living at Pembina House.  I am not going to use their names because I may forget one or two, as they are all outstanding. It’s interesting to listen to what other people say.  There is a lady named Gertie who comes to sit on the front benches at Kipnes, where I take Lou daily for some fresh air.  She sat beside me and stated, “I hear this is the greatest place for seniors in Canada”. I reaffirmed her statement.  She lives in accommodation nearby Kipnes.
I speak with experience as I served as a member and Vice Chairman as well as Complaints Coordinator for the Alberta Health Facilities Review Committee for 9 years.  I have visited almost every long term care facility; hospital and senior citizen’s lodge in the Province of Alberta. There was no other facility that even closely compares to the Kipnes Veteran’s Care Center.
I attended a family care conference on July 15 on behalf of my husband.  Every discipline was there, each one presented Lou’s care plan professionally and expediently but with total commitment to their various disciplines with the objective of trying for a better outcome to serve the resident, in this case my husband.
The one name that I will mention is Dr. Jakeway.  I was so pleased to learn that he was one of the physicians serving the medical needs of some of the residents.  Upon learning that he was there I asked if he would consider looking after Lou.  Dr. Jakeway had been our family physician for over 20 years before he left on his mission to Thailand, a better doctor you could not find anywhere in Alberta.  So now Lou has a doctor who knows all his medical history and even though Lou has severe dementia, he recognized Dr. Jakeway and continues to respect him.
I wish to thank everyone at the Kipnes Veteran’s Care Center on behalf of Lou for giving him the pleasure and privilege to live in this tremendous home as he faces his health challenges daily.  We are fortunate beyond belief to have him at Kipnes.  It’s also so close to home that I can visit so often.  Again, heartfelt thanks.
- Molly W.

I moved to Laurier House Lynnwood in August, 2015. It is the best place that I have lived in my life. I never imagined that there would be a place like this in Edmonton. My lifestyle fits perfectly here. There is a nice social mix among the residents. I’ve never heard of any disagreement among the people here.
The food is the best I have eaten, except for mom’s cooking.  It’s very easy to live here.  I’ve never had such a big place in my whole life. I can’t get over the size of my room.
The staff is very good and I thank them for their professionalism and many kindnesses to me. They take care of anything that I need. Whenever I ask for anything, the staff exceeds my expectations.
It is wonderful to live in Laurier House.
- Harmon D. M.

Now that some time has passed, we want to extend thanks to everyone at Laurier House for the many kindnesses you extended to our father Bill during the nearly four years he was with you. I know he recognized and appreciated the care you gave him, which went far beyond what anyone might expect. Most certainly we cannot repay the many ways in which you helped him and made his life better. Dad was a quiet man who made few demands on people. We know you will remember him with fondness. We miss him dearly, but we take great comfort from knowing his last few years were spent in such a caring environment. We will carry very special memories of Laurier House. Everyone who touched Dad’s life made it richer. We send these two dozen long-stemmed red roses with our
best wishes for all the staff.
– The M. and A. families

To All Staff at 2nd Parker, Lynnwood,

We will always remember with gratitude your compassion and gracious care giving, all your hard work and thank you all so much for the help and kindness to Lilian and Nick. Your compassionate care is so very much appreciated. Merry Christmas!

- Nick & Lilian's Family

My mother, Frances C., had made her home on 4th Parker Pavilion for the past three and a half years until recently passing. I cannot say enough about the care and family feeling Jan Cooper’s staff gave to her during those final few years.

During the last three weeks of her life in the hospital, I received a few calls from Jan herself inquiring on my mother’s well-being and also invited her back for her final days, referring to her as “one of their own.” Staff members, on more than one occasion, stopped by before/after their shift to visit my mother and indicated how much they will miss her. There are no words that can describe how this expression of caring made me feel.

One of my worst fears in life was to have a parent develop dementia and have to move into a “wretched nursing home.” Well, the parent with dementia part happened, but her moving into CapitalCare Lynnwood comforted many of my fears. I cannot thank Jan and her staff enough for them taking care of my only mother as if she was their own.
Yours truly,
– Don C.

To the staff and volunteers of McConnell Place North:

A huge thanks to you for a fantastic Family BBQ this summer; it was fun and the food was delicious. You can all be very proud of the outstanding evening. We appreciate the great family environment at McConnell Place and it's s nice to see mom (Elizabeth) so happy. You are the best!

- Blaine & Della S.   

Thank you for your support in the care of my mom, Pauline C. Mom considered MPN her “home” and that was because each of you in your own special way made her feel at home, a home that she loved and where she was surrounded by friends she was familiar with, and where she was loved and cared for with kindness, compassion and patience — always given with a smile. Those smiles made Mom feel special.
Thank you for the various activities, events and outings you organized. Mom loved the attention you gave her.
Frank and I have nothing but praise for the love and excellent care given to Mom. Your warmth and kindness to me and my husband will be missed. Thank
you and many blessings be granted to each of you.
- Frank and Hazel K.

On behalf of all of us, thanks to all of you for the kind and caring way that you deal with all the residents, but most especially for the way you are with Rose. Her residence with you has allowed her to blossom as she declines and I think that the bright way you greet each day with her is what keeps her going for the next five minutes and then the next... Yours is an awesome and often thankless responsibility — giving care and dignity to our aged — and I give you blessings for doing it so well.
– Ken and Jill M. and all Rose’s family

Thank you so very much for all your help through this difficult time by making my stay here as comfortable as possible! You really did go above and beyond your regular work expectations by doing what you did.

I never experienced such a situation as this. The Fort McMurray wildfire of 2016 will be remembered in infamy. But May 18 will be remembered by me as the bright and cheery day I met (receptionist Iris R.S)!

Iris, you have a very warm heart and I enjoyed your gift at every opportunity. It certainly helped to break the tedious boredom and helped to keep me up to date on all the news from home and, at the same time, distracted enough to keep me sane when things got really rough as the news went from bad to worst. You are a very special person!

Once again, thank you ALL so so much!

- Jay T.
Fort McMurray

Editor's note: CapitalCare Norwood specializes in complex continuing care and post-acute programs.  During the evacuation of Fort McMurray and to make room for patients arriving from the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, Norwood took in patients recovering from surgeries in Edmonton-area hospitals. Jay was the only resident from Ft. McMurray to be admitted to Norwood. His stay was short-term, Nine Ft. McMurray residents requiring continuing care were admitted to CapitalCare Lynnwood

My sister is presently in the Norwood Restorative Care Unit and I wanted to write and tell you how nice it is that she has such tasty meals while there. It is not pleasant to be away from home, but it sure makes it easier when the food is freshly prepared and so tasty.  Please give a heartfelt thanks as well to all of the hard working staff that help prepare the food, serve the food and do the necessary clean up.  It is a big big job but such a bonus for all the people that are recuperating there.  Healthy eating aids in healing and when the food that is presented is tasty like Norwood’s it makes the patients feel like eating.  Thanks again.

 - Elsie P.
Sister of Ileen S.

Thank you so much for the care, the kindness, and the encouragement you gave our mother during her stay here. The compassionate care that residents of the Restorative Care Unit receive has such a positive impact upon their lives; it gives them hope and brightens their day and outlook on life. We really appreciate everything all of you have done to help Mom get back home safely.
Thank you,
– The Q. family

My mom Betty L. has been at CapitalCare Strathcona since December 2014. I keep in regular contact with nurses Brenda and Warren. They are absolutely marvelous in every conversation. They obviously know my mother, talk about her with care and respect and explain things patiently. They know her medical issues and attend to them thoroughly. They are quite on top of things. Thank you. I am very, very impressed with CapitalCare Strathcona, the staff and general tone and environment when we visit. Thank you for all you do.
- Cheers and best wishes, Greg L., Calgary